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SoulPole is an online provider of high-quality pole dancing training and courses. Whether it’s to stay fit, or if you are looking for a career change, pole dancing is the perfect solution to have fun while you work out. Learn to pole dance with these professional dancers who have trained thousands of women and have over a decade in experience. Go from a beginner to an advanced dancer in no time. Its amazingly fun and easy to learn with the right training.

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With multiple experienced trainers, you get expert pole dancing training covering a wide range of teaching styles.

Step-by-step instructions take you from beginner to advanced where you will learn little known tips and techniques. More than 100 videos cover 50 different moves. As well as combinations of moves, ending with full routines.

Learn in easy to follow steps, as the videos break down each move, with full explanations of each movement. Start slowly then move to full speed at your own pace, pole dancing can be an extremely rewarding experience and these expertly crafted lessons will be more thrilling than you can imagine.


To make sure you have full access to all of the pole dancing course lessons, they are available in a wide range of formats for you. It doesn’t matter what device you own or have access to, you won’t miss out on being able to take part in this amazing course.

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